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Shooting horses is a specialized field. It's important to know horse conformation, what is and isn't correct depending upon the riding discipline, and be able to track a one thousand pound beast that tends to speed up and slow down... not to mention not spooking other horses around the shoot, staying out of the way in arenas,  and yes - we are not above cleaning up manure later. We are available to shoot your event, commercial or educational video in high def (going to 4k soon!)

Premier Pro


Padma Video's editing philosophy: Don't Be Boring. Ever.

We strive to give our videos rhythm. We avoid lingering on "talking heads" and cut away to horse b-roll and/or motion graphics whenever possible. A simple 4 minute video can easily contain hundreds of edits. We meticulously shape the content, research and add royalty-free music, color correct and sweeten the sound. We edit in Premier Pro, Photoshop and Final Cut 7.

malibu with abs superimposed


Motion graphics not only give our videos that extra "zaz" but they also are an important tool when trying to explain an otherwise complicated concept.

Telling your audience that a too narrow saddle can pinch a horses withers is a decent message... but it really hits home when the audience sees a scapula in motion superimposed underneath the saddle.

Animator Julian Sestanovich is our motion graphics wizard, working in Maya, After Effects, Photoshop and Blender.


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