Padma Video started creating web videos in 2007. Since then we've produced hundreds of videos, a television series, commercials, and released DVDs. Below is a partial list of our clients and projects.

Equitopia: current on going video series on horse training & welfare featuring: Art2Ride's Karen Loshbaugh, Dr. Joanna Robson, John Lyons, Dr. Dianne Isbell, Jochen Schleese, Kirk Adkins, Lauren Fraser, Mike DeLeonardo, Stuart J Bell, Dr Sarah LeJuen, UC Davis, Carla Bauchmuller, Jody Ambrose and more.

Inspiritus Equine: various videos & DVD

Schleese Saddlery: various web videos & DVD "Beyond the 9 Points of Saddlefitting"

Pacific Sporthorse Selection: sales videos and event highlight reels

Charles Wilhelm Training: television series "Charles Wilhelm's Ultimate Foundation Training" for HRTV

Equithotics: various web videos and DVD "Sneakers for Horses"

TheHorse.com: 6 part series on Deworming, "5 Things You need To Know" colic, snake bite, senior horse dental care series. Various how-to videos featured on site.

SonRise Equestrian: fundraising videos for equine therapy

Sierra Nevada Lusitanos: video "Working Equitation in America"

GEVA- Thoroughbred Rescue: "Heart: the Story of Pam Berg"

Bay Area Equestrian Network: "The Horse Lover's 2 Minute How To" series featuring: Cavalia, MQ Training, Robyn Spector, Dan Rocks, Dr. Tom Casselberry, Nicole Carroll, Dianne Sommerfeld, Kerri Lake, Greg Best, Justine Gandolfo, Carol Verbeek, Raquelle Van Vleek, Becky Rodrigues, Will Faerber, The Flag Foundation, Karmen Mills, Bonnie Davis, Dr Sharon Spier, Emily Sorensen, Dr Emily Haggett and many more.