About Us


Horses are one of nature's finest expressions of life.

Beautiful, powerful and emotional, we strive to capture the essence of equus, while realizing that truly "knowing" is a life long quest.

We seek to illuminate the exquisite and complicated relationship between humans and horses.

We humbly serve the horse with an open mind; asking the question during all phases of production...how can we make the world better for them?


Padma Video's founder, Kathryn Lauritzen, has been "horse-crazy" since she was a little girl. Her first horse was a pinto pony named "Sidekick." Kath thought his name indicated he was trustworthy, a "pal by your side"... nope. He cow kicked. Pinned ears and kicked to the side. She loved him anyway.

Kathryn spent much of her youth riding her bike to the barn and taking care of her horses. She later showed hunter/jumper with her thoroughbred gelding "San-ti."

After college Kathryn entered radio as a D.J. and spent 30 years on the air in markets such as San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., New York and San Jose.  During that time she created hundreds of hours of audio production which naturally lead to her passion for video production.



Padma Video was named after this TB mare. She was Kathryn's horse for 24 years. She was also the first "Equine American Princess." She was gorgeous and opinionated. Her slogan, "talk to the hoof."

junior head (1 of 1)


Junior is Kathryn's quarter horse. Solid as a rock. He really is a perfect horse EXCEPT when he stands out in the rain with his blanket on. Why Junior? Whyyyyyy!?!

sala in aisle


Sala is the second "Equine American Princess." If you want to know what the world revolves around, your'e looking at her. She is a rescue. She was neglected for 3 years living basically wild in the hills of Northern California until she was attacked by a pit bull who took a big chunk out of the flesh above her elbow. She also has a host of hoof related issues and is currently in re-hab. She is loved.


Let's brainstorm on how to accomplish your vision.